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" Some come and tells me that they can not practice properly. But, when they say they can not practice it means they are not diligently practicing. How can you not practice if you are earnestly practicing?" One of the most famous contemporary Seon master Ven. Seungcheol responded to a student who came to complain about his lack of progress in his practice.

Moments later Venerable said to the disciple, " I will give you 5 precepts, you must keep these precepts and practice diligently."

This is the "5 precepts of Seon Practitioner."

1) do not sleep more than 3 hours

2) absolute silence

3) no reading

4) no snacking

5) no wandering

Ven. Seungcheol emphasized, " You only sleep 3 hours, without speaking, or reading books. You have nothing else to do but to hold on to your Hwadu. So, how can not not practice?" 



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