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Finding Our Mind : Prelude

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Creeks in the mountain hurry down to the sea,
But are there really creeks and the sea?

The moon revolves around the earth,
But do the moon and the earth really exist?

Flowers are in bloom in the field,
But are there really flowers, or the field?

I am breathing hard,
But is there really someone called me?

Everything in the Universe
Transforms in the flux without a moment’s pause.

So are our minds and lives.
There is nothing that stays constant and everlasting.

There is nothing that arises and dies.
They just change their forms forevermore.

Everything from a tiny atom to the entire cosmos
Is in a flux of one great body.

One in all, all in one.
There is no you or I, no this and that.

We are all uninvited transient guests
In the phenomenal world out for an excursion,

Then we will all go back home to where we are from--the Void.
But we might come back again and again when conditions meet.

This is the message of Shakyamuni Buddha,
The Enlightened one.

Everlasting change is Nirvana,
Nirvana, everlasting change.

There is no difference between the two.
Nirvana is nothing special.

Changing reality itself is Nirvana.
Isn’t it surprising?

To the Enlightened one,
Everything and everywhere is Nirvana.

Do not try to find God or Buddha anywhere else.
Everything is God and Buddha,

And where you are now is Heaven.
All you have to do is to see the truth of Reality

That everything changes.
Nothing is permanent.

You must admit the truth, however hard it might be.
Most of us are trained to think otherwise

From the beginning of human civilization.
You have to remove the scum of thoughts,

Shut out the old windows of the mind.
The beautiful name of God doesn’t exist,

Otherwise, the world would have been a Paradise
Long ago.

Some people are trying to find a solace and happiness
In the names of God and Heaven,

Not knowing that they are but names.
God and Paradise are in our clear mind and Heart.

Why waste time?
If we change our mind, the world will change.

The problem is our big Egos and methodized society,
The age-old slave drivers.

"Resolution and Independence."
It is the title of a poem of a famous poet.1)

Yes! I think that is what we all need.
With firm resolution and independence,

We can find our true self and happiness
In ourselves, not anywhere else.

"All is vanity, vanity of vanities."
This is a song of Solomon, a King of Israel.

This is in consonance with the teachings of Buddha.
But all he knew was his tribal God

And took refuge in Him.
There are many trails to reach

The summit of the mountain--
Easy ones and winding craggy ones.

But it is your life
And you are the master of your life.

Let us hope to meet at the summit.
Till then farewell!                                   



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