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 The Diamond Sutra

The whole teachings of The Diamond Sutra
Can be summarized in a sentence:
"In all things, there is nothing real,

Neither in forms nor in conceptions."
Everything is just a name,
A phantom,

A bubble and
A dream,
Which will vanish in an instant.

All is the void,
From which, however, everything originates
Then to which every thing returns.

This is the cosmology of Buddhism,
Ultimate truth,
The ultimate reality of the Universe,

The everlasting, unnameable “Immanent Will,”
Which some religions call
The Will of God.

But we must be honest,
Though we acknowledge their good intent,
That it is just another name, another fancy that has no reality.

A quotation from a sacred book:
"Refuge in God is praiseworthy,
But renunciation is better yet."1)

Renunciation of "I"-"My"-"Me" and every form.
To be sure, they are mere names and illusions.
A quotation from The Diamond Sutra:

“Whosoever perceives that
All characteristics are in fact
No characteristic, perceives the Tathagata."2           

    1) “The Yoga of Devotion," Bhagavad-Gita, XII.  
    2) One of the ten titles of Buddha.

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