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 Photo: Sang Gun

The Holy Teachings of Vimalakirti

On his sickbed, Vimalakirti told his visitors:
"Until all the sicknesses of sentient beings are cured,
My sickness will not be cured."

These are the key words of the teachings
Of Vimalakirti;
We are all one-great-body in the Universe,

Ontologically and ethically.
This also leads to true love and compassion.
Vimalakirti wasn’t even a disciple of the Buddha,

But it was because of his wisdom that all the disciples
Of Buddha were afraid to visit him
To inquire after his sickness.

Even for his great wisdom,
He was just a layman, an ordinary man like us.
Yet, he was greater than any of Buddha’s great disciples.

It means that you don’t have to be special to be Enlightened.
In fact, we are all Buddhas already.
All we have to do is to realize the fact and live as Buddhas.   

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