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Five character couplet*

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Gyeongheo Seong-u (1849~1912), “O-eon daeryeon” [Five character couplet], 98 x 19.5 cm (2 panels), Tongdosa Museum collection (donation of Venerable Seokjeong).
This is a rendition done by Gyeongheo of a gāthā written by Master Dixin Dushun. It means, “If you look for a doctor on this earth, cauterize the upper left shoulder of a pig.” 
This is the last line of a gāthā written by Master Dixin Dushun, the first patriarch of the Huayan school of Buddhism in China. It is said that he wrote thisgāthā in response to his disciples who were flummoxed by the extremely voluminous Huayan sutra and were asking how they could possibly better understand it. The meaning is that even though “Huaizhou and Yizhou might be separated by some thousands of li, when seen through the world of Huayan, the world of enlightenment and the mundane world share one appearance.”
The previous line of the gāthā states, “Because a cow in Huaizhou eats fodder, the stomach of a horse in Yizhou bursts open.”   


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