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Jeongseon sagarok*

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Cheongheo Hyujeong (1520~1604), Jeongseon sagarok, 5th page, 27.8 x 17.3 cm, Daeheung-sa collection.
Written by Master Hyujeong, a warrior monk of the middle period of the Joseon dynasty, this is a draft of the Jeongseon sagarok, a dharma sermon summarizing the four representative doctrinal positions of Seon in China, as expressed by Mazu, Baizhang, Huangbo, and Linji, among others. The gist of these four schools lays in the doctrine that the Buddha can be found within jasim, or “one's own mind,” and that one must not search for the Buddha outside of the mind. Casting away delusion, within the state of musim, or “no mind,” one practices to liberate oneself, and when foolishness is abandoned, oneself and the Buddha become one. 
The main title of this work was “Seosan daesa eo” [Words of the Master of the Western Mountain] and the title Jeongseon sagarok was used as secondary title on the inner title page.

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