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Korean Buddhist Books List
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40 The Collected Works of Modern Korean Buddhism,2017 The Gyeongheo Collection
The Gyeongheo Collection is a collection of dharma talks and other literary works by Gyeongheo Seong'u 鏡虛惺牛(1849/1857–1912), one of the representative Korean Seon masters of modern times.
39 Recommended Books Hello Dharma School
English Dharma Text for children: Main Text, Workbook, Teacher's Guide, Audio CD // Highly Useful in the English Dharma School at Temples
38 Recommended Books Wake up and Laugh
“Wake up! Stop being deceived by your attachments, fears, and dualistic thinking. The truth you are searching for already exists everywhere in your daily life. When you realize this, you’ll laugh until your sides hurt at how much effort you sp
37 Recommended Books Currents And Countercurrents Korean Influences On The East A…
Soon after the inception of Buddhism in the sixth or fifth century B.C.E., the Buddha ordered his small band of monks to wander forth for the welfare and weal of the many, a command that initiated one of the greatest missionary movements in world religiou
36 Recommended Books The Essence of the Korean Buddhist Practices: 6 Ways to the …
The book features a six Korean Buddhist practices and the benefits one can gain by doing them: the Seon (Zen) Meditation Practice; Yeombul, the Buddha-recitation practice; mantra practice; reading and hand-transcribing sutra practice; and bowing practice.
35 Recommended Books Seon Thought in Korean Buddhism
Book ReviewsSeon thought in the world of Korean Buddhism has played a very important role. The Seon Dharma was introduced to Korea in the late Silla Dynasty and became very influential and the main philosophy of Korean Buddhism during the middle Goryo Per
34 Recommended Books Grateful Offerings: Korean Mountain Temple Cooking
This book is the 8th publication of the project, "Spreading the Korean Buddhist Culture Worldwide through the English Book Publication" that began in 2008 with the first one, "Korean Buddhism." It introduces not only the recipes of the traditional temple
33 Recommended Books Buddhist Thought in Korea
Book ReviewsThis book is the second volume in a series of books about Korean Buddhism. Where the first volume, The History and Culture of Buddhism in Korea (1993), dealt with the evolution of Buddhism through the different periods of history, this volume
32 Recommended Books The Zen Monastic Experience
From Kirkus ReviewsA myth-shattering foray behind the walls of a Korean Zen Buddhist monastery. The common Western image of Zen as a religion that features unpredictable, iconoclastic teachers ``bullying their students into enlightenment’’ is, says Buswel
31 Recommended Books The Path of Compassion The Bodhisattva Precepts
A translation of the Chinese text, the Brahmajala Sutra. This a fundamental text for Chinese, Korean and Japanese Buddhists in the East and West and demonstrates an ancient ground for socially engaged Buddhism...
30 Recommended Books Great Doubt, Great Enlightenment
Great Doubt, Great Enlightenment : The Tradition and Practice of Ganhwa Seon in Korean Buddhism
29 The Collected Works of Modern Korean Buddhism,2017 The Sun over the Sea of Enlightenment
The Sun over the Sea of Enlightenment is one of the influential works by Baek Yongseong 白龍城 (1864–1940), the prominent Buddhist monk who revived Seon Buddhism and led the New Buddhism movement. This work offers an organized explanation of essential points
28 Recommended Books Korean Buddhism
Korean Buddhism is called "Hoetong" Buddhism, which means "all-encompassing" Buddhism. In Korean Buddhism, various traditions have been integrated harmoniously into a single orderly whole. The Korean Buddhist philosophy of "Hoetong" does not take one trad
27 Recommended Books Korean Temples & Food
Buddhism in its original form was a highly disciplined philosophic formula for personal liberation through reunification of worldly desires, thus preventing rebirth in the endless cycle of existences, and bringing about calmness and release into Nirvana,
26 Recommended Books Finding the True Self - Talks of the Seon Meditation Monk
Through Dharma talks, Q&A, essays on practice, and conversations with leading scholars, Master Jinje speaks with urgency and compassion about the central work of his life: finding one's true self.
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