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Author : Heo Gyun
Translator : Timothy V. Atkinson
Publish : Dolbegae Publishers

At large temple sites, there are usually small and large gatehouses from the main entrance to the temple building, with bells, pagodas, temples, images of Buddha and various decorative emblems seen here and there. Their purpose is not just limited to decorating the temple but they aspire to praise the virtuous deeds of Buddha and realize his ideal world filled with goodness and beauty in a sublime way.

This book explains the symbolic significance of varied temple ornaments and decorative emblems that were created from religious yearning towards Buddha and aesthetic sense of the past. It explores the religious yearnings found in varied emblems and ornaments which come in the form of lotus flower, dragon, turtle, lion, fish and so on and takes a fresh look at their beauty. These decorate the temples sometimes majestically and at other times, in a humorous and friendly way. Through the book, the reader can experience the yearnings of the worshippers who endeavored to unfold the world and teachings of Buddha through mysterious and beautiful paintings, sculpture and architecture.

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