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Author : Kyunghoon Sunim
Translator : Chookyung Lee
Publish : Iris International

Living Peace is the first English translation of Zen Master Kyunghoon Sunim’s extensive body of poetry. It contains 57 of his most loved poems, as well as insightful commentary from Zen monk Hyedang Sunim. The poems are artfully rendered into English by Banyahaeng Chookyung Lee.

An elegantly designed, spiritually inviting book, Living Peace introduces the voice of a contemporary Zen master to the English-speaking world. As the title suggests, the book invites us to step away from a life often fragmented by desire and enter instead a life rooted in the principles of Zen Buddhism. Thoughtful and eloquent, Kyunghoon Sunim’s poems remind us that the place of peace is not distant from us, but here, awaiting only our discovery.

This book is part of the "Voices from Korea" series.

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