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Author : Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism
Translator : Hello Dharma Institute
Publish : Jogye Publishing Company


Hello Dharma School 

English Dharma Text for children
- Main Text
- Workbook
- Teacher's Guide
- Audio CD

Available at Amazon.com outside of Korea

You can also download and play the main text in the appstore.
Download for Apple:

Download for Android:

** Hello Dharma School App Features **
-  English Reader / Colorful illustrations and easy textbook : You can enjoy easy and fun-time English Buddhism teaching materials for children.
- The core doctrine of Buddhism and the basic concepts easy : wisdom, compassion, persistence, prayer, and 12 perform an important Buddhist doctrine of the basic concepts and core and can learn naturally.
- Touchabe Inrteractive Book Reader : you can learn about and touch is a full interactive Book Reader.
- Set features Subtitles: English / Korean subtitles easier to change the function body, you can learn Buddhism text.
- Select chapters / Keyword Show your support : You can try to select the unit you want to see and select the features and important chapter to read the words to support the view keyword.



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